Space for
and Trends

In a world where constant transformation is the norm, the search for innovative solutions is incessant. In this dynamic scenario, experience labs play a key role in immersing us in innovative solutions. With this in mind, Wheaton has developed Wheaton Glaxperience.

The proposal is to be a collaborative environment for experimenting with all the glass products Wheaton offers, promoting knowledge about new technologies and boosting more sustainable practices, with the aim of meeting the needs of the market. All this in themed environments designed to reflect the context in which the products are used.

At Wheaton Glaxperience, the synergy between innovation and technology brings efficient solutions to life. Here, our customers and partners are invited to explore a universe of infinite possibilities, feeding the flame of inspiration that guides our industry. The purpose is the creation, interaction and experimentation of new designs, and for each product to be a carrier of the manifestations of the bold spirit.

Wheaton Glaxperience: a beacon of inspiration for the industry, promoting the dissemination of knowledge. An environment where immersion meets creativity to raise the future of glass as a noble, versatile and sustainable material.

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