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Unidades - Alimentos - Qualidade e Segurança

Quality And Safety

Sustainable, inert and sterilizable, glass is the most suitable material for storing food.
Unidades - Alimentos - sustentabilidade


Glass packaging: protecting what's inside and outside.
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Award-Winning Packaging

VERDE LOURO OLIVE OIL, from Verde Louro Azeites

A bottle with a modern design and harmonious lines in a dark tone with a DOP mouth, a non-refillable closure system required by European countries that produce olive oil. Verde Louro Azeites was the first company to use this type of lid in Brazil.

The packaging won the 2019 Grandes Cases Packaging Award and the Bronze Award in the Salty Food category in 2020 at the ABRE award.

Uma garrafa com design moderno e linhas harmoniosas em tom escuro com boca DOP, sistema de fechamento não recarregável exigido pelos países europeus, produtores de azeite de oliva. A Verde Louro Azeites foi a primeira empresa a utilizar este tipo de tampa no Brasil. 
A embalagem conquistou o Prêmio Grandes Cases de Embalagem em 2019 e o Prêmio Bronze na categoria Alimentos Salgados em 2020 no prêmio ABRE.

With Wheaton your product is well packaged, better preserved and sustainable

Zee.Dog has developed exclusive glass jars, 100% recyclable and reusable, to preserve and ensure quality food for dogs, a differentiated package in the pet market.

The difference is that the glass jars help in the natural conservation of the food, since they can be stored at room temperature until consumption. Opting for glass enables practicality and conservation: just open and serve.

A Zee.Dog, desenvolveu potes de vidro exclusivos, 100% recicláveis e reutilizáveis, para conservar e garantir uma alimentação de qualidade para cães, uma embalagem diferenciada no mercado pet.

O diferencial é que os potes de vidro auxiliam na conservação natural do alimento, já que podem ser guardados em temperatura ambiente até o consumo. Optar pelo vidro viabiliza a praticidade e conservação: é só abrir e servir.

Quality and safety

Wheaton is one of the largest facilities in the world specialized in the supply of glass packaging for different segments. The industry located in São Bernardo do Campo, has a production capacity of 370 tons per day in its 4 ovens and 23 production lines, 7 color feeders and more than 30 techniques and effects for bottle decoration.

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Wheaton offers several decoration and personalization options for glass containers. Colors, textures, effects and innovations to differentiate your product and provide the best consumer experience with your brand.

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