Wheaton is awarded for the glass packaging of Humor Transforma by Natura, by the World Packaging Organization

The Brazilian company was one of the 214 winners of WorldStar 2024, a global packaging competition

This Monday (9), the World Packaging Organization (WPO) announced Wheaton as one of the 214 winners of WorldStar 2024, its global packaging competition. The Brazilian leader is one of the largest facilities in the world specializing in the supply of glass packaging, and stood out among the 435 entries from 41 countries.

The global award is recognized for highlighting the importance of packaging and innovation, in line with key trends in supply and consumption chains — as well as responding to the needs and challenges of modern life.

The glass packaging of Humor Transforma by Natura, launched in 2023, was responsible for winning the award. Combining style and modernity, the bottle is a tangible expression of each individual’s uniqueness.

With Wheaton’s innovative technology, the packaging uses multicolor painting, resulting in an exceptional and exclusive color for the bottles. The application of three colors in an unpredictable and random way provides a unique composition.

According to Ricardo Lopes, Commercial and Marketing Director at Wheaton Group, each bottle is truly unique, being a “visual representation of a free spirit”. He also highlights the contemporary and bold shape of the packaging, which conveys a feeling of lightness and fun.

“Wheaton is proud to be recognized, mainly, by an award that celebrates the innovation and quality of its work.” says Ricardo.

The awards ceremony will take place in Thailand, on June 15th, during ProPak Asia.