Wheaton participates for the first time in Paris Packaging Week and stands out for its sustainability and innovation

At the booth, novelties such as packaging that promotes the circular economy, developed with techniques that stimulate the senses and bottles with sophisticated design caught the attention of the international public

Wheaton, a pioneer in the global glass packaging industry to use biomethane as a fuel source in manufacturing, participated for the first time in PPW (Paris Packaging Week), one of the largest packaging and innovation fairs, which brings together luxury and beauty brands promotes contact between companies and investors.

The event held in Paris (known worldwide for beauty and luxury standards), on January 25th and 26th, promoted and presented releases and trends from several companies. Wheaton was present at the fair and brought a stand filled with sophisticated, technological and sustainable novelties – a trademark of the company.

Among the highlights, the company presented trends for the year 2023: glass packaging solutions for the Skincare and Home Care markets. Furthermore, it showed the Inner Color decoration process, in which the ink is applied to the inside of the glalss bottle. Through the Inner Color technology, it is possible to access new packaging customization possibilities, as it can be combined with all decoration techniques applied to the outside of the packaging, such as screen printing, hot-stamping, coatings, digital printing and others. Exploring creativity, it is possible to unite technologies and obtain different effects to create innovative and elegant packaging.

Sustainability was present with the Ecoglass line, developed with the proposal to promote the circular economy with the aim of, above all, reducing the consumption of raw materials taken from nature. Wheaton has produced six different models of glass packaging, all created with the intention of protecting the environment. One of the glass bottles was developed with reduced glass mass, which has advantages such as reducing water and energy consumption, in addition to reducing CO2 emissions by more than 30%.

The digital scent, revolutionary in the perfumery market, conceived by Noar, a startup that is part of the Wheaton Group, also made up the portfolio of products presented at the event. The technology allows consumers to discover fragrances from tablets, without the need to use testers and samples.

Perfume packaging exclusively designed by the company for renowned brands gained space at the stand and attracted attention due to their striking features.

The debut at Paris Packaging Week was a success. We are proud to present our technological and sustainable packaging in the region, cradle of sophistication and the perfumery industry. A great opportunity to reinforce our commitment to the international market with modern, sustainable and exclusive glass manufacturing”, evaluates Ricardo Lopes, Commercial and Marketing Director of the Wheaton Group;

About Wheaton

With over a century of experience in the production of glass packaging, Wheaton celebrated in 2022, 70 years of operation in Brazil. It is a national leader and one of the largest facilities in the world specializing in the supply of glass packaging, serving the most important companies in the perfumery and cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food segments, exporting to several countries.

The high capacity for daily production of glass packaging, decoration and manufacture of molds and equipment in the industrial park of São Bernardo do Campo allow the company to offer complete solutions and with a shorter response time to market needs, always innovating in concepts, technology, service, design and sustainability.

It is the pioneer in the world glass industry to use biomethane in partial replacement of natural gas.

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