Wheaton was recognized by the Embrace program conducted by Natura&Co

Aimed at the recognition and relationship with suppliers and partners of Natura &Co, Embrace highlights the power of these relationships as a power to generate innovation and achieve the goals of #CompromissoComAVida, reaffirming the pillars of partnerships: the relationship of trust, the purpose that drives the Group and the will to always evolve.

Wheaton won in the Commitment to Life category with the project “Biomethane as an energy source in glass packaging production”.

The use of biomethane is a novelty in glass industries, and Wheaton is the first in the world to adopt this energy source. Biomethane is a gaseous biofuel produced through the sustainable reuse of municipal waste from a landfill.

This innovative project will save the emission of approximately 7,000 tons of CO², an estimated reduction of more than 11% in one year, compared to natural gas. This is equivalent to more than 50,000 trees planted over a 20-year period.

We thank Natura&Co for the partnership and for recognizing Wheaton’s initiatives for a more sustainable world!