Celebrating International Perfume Day

Celebrating International Perfume Day with art, history and experience.
Wheaton celebrates Perfume Day in a special way.
As the largest manufacturer of glass packaging for perfumes and cosmetics in Brazil, Wheaton has played a fundamental role in the perfumery industry, building a legacy of design and innovation.

To commemorate this special day, we invite perfume lovers: Franciele S. dos Santos, Helen Augusto, and Luis Jordão on a journey through history. In our Memória do Vidro space, they delved into the roots and evolution of the enchanting art of making glass and packaging for the most beautiful perfumes.

After all, the glass packaging of a perfume is not just a bottle. It is an essential part of the experience it provides. Packaging always tells a story.
Proud to have been involved since the beginning of the history of the biggest perfume and cosmetics brands, we celebrate perfume and its packaging.
Looking through glass makes life come alive.