Our Principles as an Organization

The ethical principles that guide all of our relationships with stakeholders are respect in relationships and attitudes, honesty, responsibility and trust. With this in mind, our position in relation to them are:

We manage our operations in accordance with corporate governance principles and provide precise information on our activities, financial status, performance and structure.

We are committed to customer satisfaction, which is one of the reasons why we develop products with the best quality standards. Furthermore, our customers rely on full assistance, with commercial and technical support to ensure the required suitability and safety to use and commercialize our products.

We maintain a respectful relationship and an open dialog with our employees. Our working conditions are safe, and we stimulate the personal and professional development of each worker.

Commercial practices with our suppliers are legitimate and treated with respect, honesty and transparency in all fields of the business relationship.

Strict guidelines are followed in selecting these partners, and no favoritism is offered. The suppliers that are contracted must guide their behavior in accordance with our company’s conduct policies.

Service Providers
We form an incentive-based relationship and share corporate values and standards with companies and hired workers.

We uphold an environment encouraging healthy competition and do not use practices that are not associated with fair and legal procedures.

Government Agencies
We sustain strict compliance with the legal, tax and labor requirements established by the legal organizations, through compliance with the prevailing laws and regular payments of tax and labor obligations. We adopt an ethical position, making sure not to grant any advantage or privilege to public agents.

Trade Guilds/Unions
We appreciate the importance of trade guilds that advocate for the rights of their professionals and strive to maintain mutual respect with entities and associations focused on guaranteeing the interests of employees and market segments.

We guarantee a steady and continuous flow of information for public opinion that preserves confidentiality and adheres to legitimate business interests.

We abide by our responsibilities towards the communities in the nearby and where we do business, developing and supporting social actions that always respect the interests of the people.

The ecological balance of the environment is vital for our own business. As such, Wheaton contributes to the preservation of the environment through the use of technologies that foster sustainable development.