Wheaton innovates and is the first, in partnership with Grupo Boticário, to bring Inner Color technology to South America

Pintura interna que eleva o conceito de design e luxo, por meio de um visual moderno e sofisticado. Essa tecnologia em decoração explora a profundidade do vidro.

Internal painting technique unprecedented in the South American market, developed in partnership with Grupo Boticário, arrives to elevate the concept of design and luxury for packaging, through a modern and sophisticated look

Wheaton, the largest glass packaging industry in Brazil, is bringing yet another solution to the South American national market, with an unprecedented technology.  This is the new Inner Color process, in which the paint is applied to the inside of the bottle.  This technology became possible in partnership with Grupo Boticário, which brought in its upper premium brand, Elysée, through the launch of Elysée Succès.

Used worldwide in the bottles of iconic international perfumeries, the technique now arrives in Brazil and promises to represent an important step for packaging design.

“Bringing this innovation to Brazil represents a very important advance in the segment. We are talking about a technology that allows to further increase the degree of sophistication and modernity in the packaging design”, reveals Renato Massara, Commercial and Marketing director at Wheaton.

Inner Color and innovation

The paint applied to the inner surface of the bottle is a technology that explores the depth and distribution of the glass, the thickness of the walls and bottom of the bottle providing a three-dimensional visual effect.

Through the Inner Color technology it is possible to have access to new possibilities of customization of packaging, as it can be combined with all the decoration techniques applied to the outside of the bottle, such as screen printing, hot-stamping, painting, digital printing and others.  Exploring creativity, it is possible to combine technologies and obtain different effects to create innovative and elegant packaging.

The color palette includes dark tones with a closed finish providing a luxurious effect.  The result is a sophisticated and modern look, making it a strong trend in the cosmetic market.

For this new process, Wheaton contemplated the rigorous mapping of chemical and quality tests, in addition to undergoing extensive research, proving resistant to prolonged contact with fragrances and reaching international quality standards.

All creation and development of the production process, from application to curing and burning, are Brazilian expertise.  In fact, the company has a patent application for Inner Color public with the INPI

Partnership with Grupo Boticário

The development of Inner Color technology is an entirely Brazilian expertise, and was carried out in partnership with Grupo Boticário.  It took years of study to present the market with a highly complex solution with quality and beauty.

The first brand that inaugurated the internal painting technology in the Brazilian market was Elysée, by O Boticário.  One of the most sophisticated perfumeries of the group, with the arrival of the launch in 2021, Elysée Succès, which will contribute the Inner Color technology.

About the launch:

Elysée Succès eau de parfum is Elysée’s new bet.  Developed by perfumer Frank Voelkl, responsible for great successes in international perfumery.

The launch was inspired by women with a unique and sophisticated personality, and has the role of encouraging their internal strength and originality to win their place of success.  That is why it brings the little secret inspired by the black rose of Turkey, a unique flower for its dark hue, translated into a strong and intense fragrance, with a disruptive olfactory in the Brazilian market, the spicy cyprus.  In addition, the flask has an internal painting to reveal all this internal strength

The design of the bottle is extremely sophisticated, featuring a push up bottom with relief in small spheres.  The new Inner Color technology applied in this packaging brought a striking and authentic appearance, the Elysée Succès in addition to referring to a jewel, code of the Elysée brand.  The highlight of the packaging is the refraction and natural luster of the glass in contrast to the black internal paint.

The innovative technology in the Brazilian market explores sophistication and prints a highly modern appearance.

“We hope that both the end consumer and the segment, in general, can reap the rewards of this new technology that arrives in Brazil, through this successful partnership, which aims to offer the most modern, sophisticated and technological in the market”, concludes Massara.

About Wheaton

With more than a century of experience in the production of glass packaging, and present in Brazil for 68 years, Wheaton is a national leader and one of the largest facilities in the world specialized in the supply of glass packaging, serving the most important companies in the segments of glass.  perfumery and cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food, exporting to several countries.

 The high capacity for daily production of glass packaging, decoration and manufacture of molds and equipment in the São Bernardo do Campo industrial park allows the company to offer complete solutions and with a shorter response time to market needs, always innovating in concepts, technology,  service, design and sustainability.


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