With interactive and immersive experience, Wheaton brings technology and sustainability to FCE Cosmetique 2023.

Wheaton presents sustainable solutions and products from the brand in a highly technological booth with projections, experiences, and an Instagrammable space.

Wheaton, a pioneer in the global glass packaging industry that uses biogas as a fuel source in manufacturing, will be present at another edition of FCE Cosmetique, the leading cosmetics fair in Latin America. For this year, the narrative is based on the four elements: earth (the main raw material used in the glass packaging manufacturing process), fire (the glass fusion, showcasing the beauty of the incandescent bottle), water (fragrance), and air (the perfume spray).

Wheaton will offer visitors a booth with sensory experiences, including a 3D screen demonstrating the development of a perfume packaging. The space will feature an immersive sensory room with glass sustainability as its main theme, along with an interactive wall displaying Wheaton’s ecodesign credentials.

“This year, our booth aims to bring not only the four elements but also contemporary sophistication, combining elegance and technological elements, with the purpose of providing a unique experience for our guests,” says Ricardo Lopes, Commercial and Marketing Director.

To complete the Wheaton brand experience, the booth will have two Instagrammable spaces for photo and video opportunities. With the hashtag #wheatonpelomundo, guests will be able to travel to locations inspired by the four elements.

Highlights for this edition

Wheaton’s participation in FCE Cosmetique 2023 will also highlight all the major innovations in the company’s product and service catalog. In this regard, visitors to the leading cosmetics fair in Latin America will be able to discover the latest trends from Noar, a spin-off of the Wheaton Group.

Noar has developed the “digital scent” solution, a new consumer experience that allows for fragrance experimentation through a digital demonstrator called the “Multiscent 20.” It is an app-controlled device that connects and releases the customer’s chosen fragrance in the form of “dry air,” leaving no perfume residues in the air, the demonstrator, or the user.

Another company from the Wheaton Group that will be present at FCE Cosmetique 2023 is Farmacap. With 30 years of experience in the closures and rubber and aluminum accessories industry for pharmaceutical, veterinary, and related industries, the company has formulas registered in the Drug Master File (DMF), an agency of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), allowing for product export to any location in the world.

In this edition of FCE Cosmetique 2023, the audience passing by Wheaton’s booth will have access to all the modern and technological solutions offered by the company, including:

• Extra Flint Pure70: seeking excellence in the glass packaging manufacturing process, we have innovated in the raw material composition of our bottles. A superior level of transparency for glass packaging, with an even more colorless tone. It exceeds the expectations of the most demanding beauty market. For projects that seek excellence in glass visibility. Allows your product to shine even more through the packaging!

• Inner Color: the internal painting of the bottles provides a unique and luxurious look. This year, we are launching the translucent finish, which further enhances the depth, distribution, and background of the bottles. The technology creates a three-dimensional visual in a modern and sophisticated design.

• Granite Painting: represents the beauty and depth of natural stone. With the use of this painting technique, it is possible to allude to various types of granite, combining solid and metallic colors. The result is a unique product that connects consumers with nature.

• Digital Printing: a decoration technology that allows for a large volume of simultaneous high-resolution image printing. Among the highlights, this technique combines personalization, quality, and infinite possibilities of artwork in Pantone colors.

• Scented Screen Printing: this technique offers sensory packaging through microcapsules of fragrances. Scented screen printing allows for experiencing the fragrance even before using the product, simply by rubbing the packaging.

• Ecoglass: it is a line of sustainable packaging that promotes circular economy, aiming to reduce the consumption of raw materials extracted from nature. The line features lightweight bottles, containing 20% less glass mass than traditional ones and reducing CO2 emissions by over 30%. Ecoglass promotes reuse through features such as screw caps, allowing for refilling of the product, and refillable bottles, for example.

Wheaton will also present six new models to complement the Standard Line. With a focus on versatility to meet different markets: perfumery, cosmetics, food, and home care. Some of these releases were developed not only with multifunctionality in mind but also to create product families, featuring the same format in different volumes, such as the new SB-1076-S jar.

“FCE Cosmetique has strategic relevance as it provides a space for the entire Brazilian cosmetics sector to come together, showcasing the advancements and innovation happening in the field,” emphasizes Ricardo Lopes. “Our objective in participating in this fair is to reinforce our commitment to offering high-tech, exclusive, and modern products, prioritizing sustainable practices.”


Wheaton at FCE Cosmetique

Date: June 13th to 15th

Place: São Paulo Expo (Rodovia dos Imigrantes, 1.5 km, in the Vila Água Funda neighborhood)

Time: From 11am to 7pm


About Wheaton

With over a century of experience in glass packaging production and a presence in Brazil for 70 years, Wheaton is a national leader and one of the largest facilities in the world specialized in supplying glass packaging to the most important companies in the perfumery and cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and food sectors, exporting to various countries.

The high daily production capacity of glass packaging, decoration, and mold and equipment manufacturing at the São Bernardo do Campo factory allows the company to offer complete solutions with a shorter response time to market needs. Wheaton is always innovating in concepts, technology, customer service, design, and sustainability.


Wbsite: https://www.wheaton.com.br/

Wheaton Official: https://www.instagram.com/wheatonoficial/

Wheaton Brasil Vidros: https://www.linkedin.com/company/wheaton/

About Noar

Noar is a Brazilian scent tech startup that believes in the importance of innovations to transform the world. Investing in solutions that help transform the processes we know is at the heart of the company.

The company invests in research and development to create fragrance and aroma delivery technologies that provide users with surprising experiences, adding a multisensory aspect to the consumer’s buying journey.

Another fundamental proposition of the company is the sustainability of its products and solutions. Noar believes that there is no future if we are not capable of creating a solid, clean, and responsible way to interact with the planet, respecting the limits of natural resources and giving back in proportion to what we take.

Access: https://www.noarbrasil.com.br/

About Farmacap

Farmacap is a company with 30 years of experience in the closures market, rubber and aluminum accessories for pharmaceutical, veterinary, and related industries, with clear conceptions about the technical and conceptual needs that these markets demand.

As pioneers in Latin America in the construction of a Clean Room for the specific treatment of TPPE rubber caps (Ready to Sterilize), we are also pioneers in supplying sterilized caps (Ready to Use) through gamma irradiation.

Among Farmacap’s various achievements, we have obtained registration of our formulas in the DMF (Drug Master File), an FDA (Food and Drug Administration) agency that serves as an unrestricted passport for exporting to any country in the world.

Farmacap is one of the companies that make up the Wheaton Brazil Group, a national leader in supplying glass packaging for the Perfumery, Cosmetics, and Pharmaceutical segments. It is also one of the top five specialized facilities in these segments worldwide, supplying to the most reputable national and international industries and exporting to over 40 countries.

Access: https://www.farmacap.com.br/