Wheaton offers packaging with Antiviral Finishing

Innovative technology uses nanotechnology to inactivate the virus. It will be the first time to be used in the manufacture of glass packaging in Brazil

The Wheaton Group, a national leader in the supply of glass packaging for the perfumery, cosmetics and pharmaceutical segments, entered into a partnership to use an antiviral finish on its packaging. The technology inactivates up to 99% of human Adenovirus-5 and murine Coronavirus strain used as viral models for development. The novelty is unprecedented in the Brazilian sector.

Antiviral finishing is a technology that has been tested and approved by an applied virology and research laboratory, recommended by ISO 21702-20195.

Renato Massara Júnior, Commercial and Marketing Director at Wheaton, explains that the finish can be applied to any and all packaging. He argues that technology is a great solution for the market.

“Wheaton has always thought of its products based on innovation and sustainability as guides. Therefore, one of the ideas is to add this technology to store testers and demonstrators, which are handled intensively by customers. Bringing this layer of security more to people is a source of great pride and great news, ”he says.

“This is such an important solution that, based on our packaging application, it is possible that it will reach other sectors that also use glass. It is possible to imagine that in the near future, because of the experience we had with the pandemic in 2020, the use of solutions like this ends up becoming a standard ”, he adds.

How it works

Kleber Von Dentz, director of Glass Coating (manufacturer of paints and varnishes), a Wheaton partner company and responsible for supplying the product that uses nanotechnology with solid particles to fight viruses, explains that the antiviral finish inactivates even the coronavirus family

“We went deeper and carried out a survey that lasted about four months in relation to this technology. The product worked in the tests, received certification and for that reason it can already be used in the market. Our intention at that moment is to make it possible for as many products as possible, since the benefit to public health is incalculable ”, he stresses.

The executive points out that the finish applied to the packaging will act as a safety layer for people who handle the object that will receive the finish.

He comments that the antiviral action is already being used in other sectors, such as the hospital. However, for the perfumery and cosmetics segment, this is a novelty that can be considered “revolutionary”.

Kleber also explains that the possibilities of using this technology in glass are enormous, since it can be used both in colored products and in flints (colorless) products.

“Our expectation is quite high because the benefits that this innovation can provide are many. After this hard work, we are pleased to be contributing in some way to help the world out of this difficult situation that is still going on ”, he concludes.

About Wheaton

With over a century of experience in the production of glass packaging, and present in Brazil for 68 years, Wheaton is a national leader and one of the largest facilities in the world specialized in the supply of glass packaging, serving the most important companies in the segments of glass. perfumery and cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food, exporting to several countries.

The high capacity for daily production of glass packaging, decoration and manufacture of molds and equipment in the São Bernardo do Campo industrial park allows the company to offer complete solutions and with a shorter response time to market needs, always innovating in concepts, technology, service, design and sustainability.