Mission, vision & values


To be and to make happy


Our vision is of a living corporation, in a constant search for differentiation, innovation, and competitiveness, fully satisfying the aspirations of its customers, professionals, suppliers, shareholders, and society in general.


Awareness that we are a small but indispensable cell in the global socioeconomic fabric.

It is important that each one of us realizes and is certain that we are fundamental pieces of the great social gear! After all, it is through our work that we contribute to the health, beauty, prosperity, and happiness of many other individuals in our society. In the same way, our company is a cell of the gigantic world economy. This cell must function well if the world, this fabulous organism, is to enjoy permanent health and development.

Cultivating corporate memory

Let us not forget the various moments of our company, since its foundation until today! The good and the bad moments, because everything is memory, everything is learning! Let us participate in the events that involve our internal community. Let us introduce our friends and relatives to the products we manufacture and the company for which we provide our services. Let us know and share the beautiful story of our company, explaining how our organization works and why it works the way it does.

Extending and Consolidating Long-Lasting Relationships

Relationships must be forever! Always built with seriousness, sincerity and respect, so that they are indissoluble. So that nothing and no one can shake them! This will strengthen our personal work, day by day, and will favor mutual understanding, whether these relationships are with clients, professionals, suppliers, or any other individual or entity in our society.

Exercise of ethics, citizenship, and respect for the law

We act within the norms and laws that apply to the company, the community, and the country. We encourage the practice of actions aimed at the welfare of society and neighbor.

Obtaining positive economic and financial results

The company exists to be profitable! Just like it, for everyone to be happy, we need to be equally profitable at all times. To be profitable is to make each of the activities we perform benefit our family, our organization, and our community. Only a profitable company will reward each one of us, providing better working conditions and effective earnings for all.

Overcoming prejudices

We do not allow unfair and prejudiced treatment because of differences in race, sex, religion, sexual or political preference, among other forms of discrimination. We are all equal before human and divine laws.

Constant learning

Let us always learn! Let us be concerned about learning new ways of thinking and acting,
reflect on our actions and analyze the possibility of learning from other professionals. Let us learn new methods, let us update our knowledge. This will make our work better and different from the others.

Valuing life

Let us trust in human beings and work to make our work environment, our home, and society, places where human relations are more intense, sincere, and fraternal. Let us enjoy each moment of our lives as if it were unique.

The capacity, always renewed, to dream collectively.

Let us encourage the development of groups of people with the freedom to imagine, create, and fight for solutions that bring more satisfaction and happiness for all.

Preservation of the environment

Let’s take care of the environment! Let’s avoid air, land and water pollution. Let’s promote the mentality of recycling materials. Let’s help preserve nature, in our company and in our city, in the small and big details.