Discover Wheaton’s experiences at FCE Cosmetique 2023

Wheaton FCE Cosmetique 2023

Wheaton, world leader in the glass packaging industry, was present at FCE Cosmetique 2023, the main cosmetics fair in Latin America. This year, the brand brought a highly technological stand, full of sustainable solutions and products.

The narrative is based on the four elements

Wheaton developed a narrative based on the four elements: sand, fire, water and air. Each element represents a stage in the glass packaging and manufacturing process that brings a sensory experience to visitors.

  • Sand: Sand is the main raw material used in the manufacture of glass packaging. It represents the beginning of the process, where all the magic begins.
  • Fire: The melting of the glass represents the beauty of the incandescent bottle. Through fire, it is possible to give shape and life to packages.
  • Water: Water symbolizes the fragrances present in the products. It is what gives life and personality to perfumes and cosmetics.
  • Air: the air represents the spraying of the perfume. It is he who takes the fragrances to our senses, providing a unique experience.

Sensory and technological experiences

At Wheaton’s stand, visitors had access to several sensorial and technological experiences. A screen showed the entire process of developing a perfume package, allowing viewers to feel immersed in this universe.

In addition, the space featured an immersive room, where the sustainability of glass was explained. Visitors were able to learn about Wheaton’s sustainable practices and understand how glass can be an ecological option for packaging.

Instagrammable spaces

One of the novelties at Wheaton’s booth at FCE Cosmetique 2023 was the instagrammable spaces, specially designed for guests to take pictures and record videos to share on social networks.

Using the hashtag #wheatonworldwide, guests were able to travel to places inspired by the four elements and record unique moments with the Wheaton brand.

Highlights of the products and services catalog

In addition to the experiences offered at the stand, Wheaton also presented the main highlights of its catalog of products and services.

Noar, a spin-off of the Wheaton Group, has developed an innovative solution called “digital smell”. This new consumption experience allowed the experimentation of fragrances through a digital demonstrator called “Multiscent 20”. With the use of an app, the customer could choose the desired fragrance, which was released in the form of “dry air,” leaving no waste in the air, on the sampler or on the user.

Another Wheaton Group company that was present at FCE Cosmetique 2023 was Farmacap. With 30 years of experience in the closures market, Farmacap has registration of formulas in the Drug Master File (DMF), an agency of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which allows the export of products anywhere in the world.


Wheaton was present at FCE Cosmetique 2023 providing sensory and technological experiences to visitors. In addition, the company presented its modern and sustainable solutions, standing out in the glass packaging market.

Wheaton, with its vast experience in the production of glass packaging, is a reference in the market and exports its products to several countries. The company always seeks to innovate in concepts, technology, design and sustainability, offering complete and quality solutions to its customers.

Check out the full video with all the news from Wheaton and its partner companies, presented at FCE Cosmetique 2023.