Wheaton glass packaging protects what’s inside and outside

Pharmaceutical bottles play a key role in preserving the integrity and efficacy of products or medicines. Glass is the preferred choice due to its unique properties of safety, durability and ability to protect medicines from external influences.

At Wheaton, pharmaceutical bottles have an exclusive production line, with physical separation to avoid cross-contamination, guaranteeing total safety and hygiene.
In addition to having a special manufacturing structure to meet the technical specifications required by the market, all the professionals involved in production operations are trained to guarantee quality in the manufacturing process.

With clearance from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), Wheaton has registered its formulas with the DMF (Drug Master File), allowing it to export its products to any country without restrictions, complying with all the stipulated standards.

In addition to guaranteeing the expertise of Industry 4.0, Wheaton has implemented an MES system, run by Vertech, one of the world leaders in systems for the glass industry, contributing to production operations online on a daily basis. Through this system it is possible to cover all stages of glass production, quality control, molds and storage in real time, once again ensuring the integrity and excellence of Wheaton bottles.

Wheaton produces with technology and safety to guarantee protection for those who need it most.