Family School

Education: one of the company’s pillars and a tool for social transformation

Aware of our transformative role and engaged in building the future of the next generations, we believe that education is an excellent tool for social transformation and one of the company’s pillars.

This is why we inaugurated the Family School, a non-profit institution that seeks to welcome the children of employees of the Group's companies, aged between 4 months and 4 years, a collective construction with male and female professionals from all hierarchical levels in the production and administrative areas.

Conceived and designed according to the anthroposophical vision of Waldorf Pedagogy, the school is dedicated to early childhood education, as this is considered to be the most important stage in human development.

Set up in a large house, with spaces and furniture designed and built especially for this purpose, with pedagogues and teachers specialized in the Waldorf methodology, the Family School also has the support of a team of assistants made up of Wheaton employees who applied and were trained over the course of a year to collaborate on this project, as it was very important that Wheaton's culture be present in the construction of the school.

"The project was a special mission of Mr. Peter Gottschalk, patriarch of the family and responsible for the nationalization of the company.
Building a place that would provide quality education for the children of the company's professionals was a way of thanking him for the welcome his family received in Brazil."