Wheaton attracts visitors to FCE Cosmetique 2024 with product presentation and multi-sensory experience

Present at every edition of the event, Wheaton had a space divided into themes – Tradition and Expertise, Transparency and Design, Decoration Technology and Sustainability, and delighted visitors with an immersive experience in “The World of Glass”, exploring the four senses; check it out!

Wheaton, a Brazilian company operating in the glass packaging market, has successfully completed its participation in FCE Cosmetique – Latin America’s leading cosmetics fair. At the 2024 edition, held from June 4 to 6, the company delighted visitors with a multi-sensory experience.

Having welcomed more than 5,000 people, Caroline Mass, Marketing and Market Intelligence Manager at Wheaton, considers the fair to have been a success.

She recalls that Wheaton has participated in all 28 editions of FCE Cosmetique so far and is already confirmed for next year’s edition, which will be held between June 10 and 12, 2025.

Mass comments that the fair offers an excellent opportunity to showcase some of Wheaton’s expertise, competence and history, which has a tradition of more than seven decades in Brazil.

“FCE Cosmetique always offers a great opportunity for us to build relationships with new customers and update our existing customers on everything we’ve been working on throughout the year,” she says.

The executive also recalls that the stand called “The World of Glass” attracted attention with virtual reality demonstrations using 4D glasses, new ecological packaging and experiences involving sight, touch, smell and taste.

Technology as an ally of sustainability

Wheaton’s stand was divided into pillars, one of which was “Decoration Technology”. In this sector, visitors could see a table with more than 100 samples of some of the decorative solutions offered by the brand.

The “Transparency and Design” pillar displayed more than 100 bottle options that Wheaton offers in its standard portfolio, as well as the 2024 launches.

Among the main highlights of this year’s novelties was the Crystal Effect Painting. Obtained by applying a varnish that crystallizes around the paint, it gives each bottle a unique aesthetic.

Those who stopped by the Wheaton area also saw the new HotStamping Ribbons, which are a decoration process using thermal tape printing that produces engravings in gold, silver and other metallic colors, as well as new Standard Line packaging.

Six new packs were presented in 200ml, 100ml, 50ml and 30ml sizes.

The 200ml refill is part of the Ecoglass line, developed to promote the circular economy, A family with a modern design is made up of 100ml, 50ml and 30 ml bottles meeting international perfumery standards, the Fantasia Line receives another geometric-shaped bottle with a capacity of 100ml. And the Alegria Line receives a versatile model in a cylindrical shape with a threaded end, reinforcing the message about refilling;

Caroline Mass explains that the 200ml refill, which is a package that promotes the circular economy, is lightweight – as it has 20% less glass mass than traditional bottles – and sustainable, as it is produced with around 15% less CO2 emissions.

“Consumption is moving towards the theme of reuse so that we discard fewer materials. So it was important to make people aware of and learn about the refilling process. The Ecoglass line was also designed to open up a discussion for customers about the importance of developing products with the environment in mind,” he says.

Multi-sensory experience

From the outset, the “World of Glass” space was designed to be immersive and for visitors to FCE Cosmetique to enter a universe full of possibilities and sensations.

First of all, visitors to the stand had their vision stimulated by LED panels showing video content on themes that are important to Wheaton: TECHNOLOGY, SUSTAINABILITY AND DECORATION.

With a focus on innovation, visitors were also able to use the 4D Glasses, developed by Noar, a spin-off of the Wheaton Group. By projecting images in Virtual Reality (VR), attendees could see the entire conceptualization of a perfume, from the briefing to the decoration of the bottle for the perfumery.

Set in the metaverse, the glasses also offered visitors the chance to smell the perfume. Noar’s glasses have exclusive digital scent technology, which is emitted by the equipment itself.

The fragrances were also scattered throughout the Wheaton stand, which also offered touch with the packaging and experiences to tantalize the public’s taste buds.

Caroline Mass says that the flavor experiences were promoted with coffees and drinks. “We wanted to close the experience cycle by offering themed coffees and drinks, with names that referred to Wheaton’s universe. The idea was to build this world in which customers can explore and understand the development of the products.”

Appeal to memory and nostalgia

Wheaton’s final pillar during FCE Cosmetique 2024 was “Tradition and Expertise”, which referred to the company itself. In this sense, iconic products produced over Wheaton’s more than seven decades were presented.

In the so-called Glass Memory Space, the perfumes referred to visitors’ olfactory and emotional memories, while the packaging – which was also present – helped to compose the story.

“We made a point of bringing tradition into this area to awaken memories of old products we made in the past, such as the Mamãe e Bebê line and Rastro, which was one of the first perfumeries in Brazil. These productions enabled Wheaton to create know-how and expertise for current projects. And all of this was just a little piece of Wheaton’s history,” says Mass.

Finally, the executive says that the entire stand was designed in an interconnected way to offer a remarkable experience.

“Everything we brought to FCE Cosmetique was to show how much experience Wheaton has absorbed over these 72 years and how much it can add to the development of customers’ projects in terms of transparency, design, innovation and technology,” she concludes.