Versatile and refillable packaging: LB -0533-S. Endless possibilities!

LB -0533-S is another launch for this year. A packaging developed with contemporary design and versatility. With a capacity of 250ml, it serves the home care market for products such as diffuser, flavorings, soaps, alcohol gel, or also the cosmetics and beauty market, such as creams, oils and lotions.

The bottle, with threaded termination, can still be used as a refill.

Practicality and sustainability have become a new design priority.

Organic materials and earthy aesthetics are on the rise to reconnect consumers with nature and raise awareness about climate concerns.

To achieve this aesthetic, Wheaton offers some solutions in decoration of glass packaging. One of these is semi-gloss coating. A smooth and elegant finish that connects the consumer with a sense of well-being and tranquility.

In the image, the 3D screen printing displays the brand with sophistication and elegance.

Check out the video with several options of uses and decoration of this launch:

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