Our corporate policies

Fornecer produtos e serviços que atendam e satisfaçam às expectativas de nossos clientes, através da busca permanente da melhoria contínua dos nossos produtos, processos e sistemas.

Quality policy

Provide products and services that meet and satisfy the expectations of our customers, through the permanent search for continuous improvement of our products, processes and systems.

To achieve our objectives, we follow the following principles

ENGAGEMENT WITH SUPPLIERS Working cooperatively in order to ensure that the supplied materials meet the standards specified in their products.
ENGAGEMENT WITH CUSTOMERS Understanding and meeting their needs, to gain their trust and preference
ENGAGEMENT WITH PROFESSIONALS Promoting frank and open communication, providing necessary training for your professional improvement.

Environmental, Occupational Safety and Health Policy

The Wheaton Group is committed to preserving the environment and preventing accidents, continuously improving its processes, products and systems through awareness and the adoption of effective programs.

Sustainability Policy

Create value for shareholders, professionals, contractors, suppliers, customers and society, integrating Safety, Health, Environment and Social Responsibility initiatives, and other company actions focused on Sustainability, according to the principles defined in the Environment and Occupational Health and Safety and Social Responsibility.

Social Responsibility Policy

According to the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, the Wheaton Group is committed to the requirements of the SA 8000 standard, encouraging the same attitude of its professionals, suppliers and customers.