Inner Color Painting

Painting applied to the inside surface of the bottle is a technology that exploits the depth and distribution of the glass, the thickness of the walls and the bottom of the bottle, providing a three-dimensional visual effect.

Inner Color technology offers new possibilities for customizing packaging, as it can be combined with all the decoration techniques applied to the outside of the bottle, such as screen printing, hot stamping, painting, digital printing and others. By exploring creativity, it is possible to combine technologies and achieve different effects to create innovative and elegant packaging.

The color palette includes dark tones with a closed finish for a luxurious effect. The result is a sophisticated and modern look, becoming a strong trend in the cosmetics market.

For this new process, Wheaton considered the rigorous mapping of chemical and quality tests, as well as undergoing extensive research, proving to be resistant to prolonged contact with fragrances and meeting international quality standards.

The entire creation and development of the production process, from application to curing and firing, is Brazilian expertise. The company even has a public patent application for Inner Color with the INPI.

With Wheaton, your product has endless possibilities to come to life!

Inner Color paint has the power to transform glass packaging with authenticity and a unique experience. Contact us and turn your vision into reality.