Glass and its benefits

A economia circular é uma nova forma de pensar no futuro, repensando todo o processo de um produto, da fabricação ao descarte, passando pela sua vida útil, de ponta a ponta, afim de reduzir os impactos ao meio ambiente.

Circular economy is a new way of thinking about the future, rethinking the entire process of a product, from manufacturing to disposal, through its useful life, from end to end, in order to reduce impacts on the environment.

It is possible to say that glass is the most human-friendly packaging material. Glass is a 100% recyclable material.

It is infinitely recyclable as it is made from minerals such as sand, ash, limestone and feldspar. Glass packaging can be fully reused in the recycling production cycle, without any loss of material, giving shape to new and incredible creations, remaining inert and impermeable.

By adding the shard in the production of glass, we reduce the withdrawal of raw material from nature.

The reuse of virgin shards, originating from the production process itself, and the recycling of post-consumer glass (PCR) for the production of new packaging significantly reduce the consumption of virgin raw materials and energy, reducing CO2 emissions, contributing to the preservation of the environment.

PCR – post-consumer glass

In order to minimize the consumption of water, energy, raw materials and inputs, thus reducing CO2 emissions and minimizing the impact on natural resources, we have a continuous production of flint glass packaging with a percentage of post-consumer glass (PCR ).

For the production of amber glass packaging, we use more than 40% post-consumer recycled (PCR) broken glass.

S – Social
The importance of human beings has always guided our activities, since our foundation. Thus, we provide a healthy, pleasant and motivating work environment, valuing each of our professionals and stimulating personal and professional growth.

We continuously invest in improving working conditions, providing the organization with the best practices in people management and continuously investing in our internal communication, with a view to the best results for the company and the transformation of society, always guiding our work in accordance with the national laws.

Our principles as an organization


In this way, our position in relation to them is:

SHAREHOLDERS – We conduct our operations in accordance with the principles of corporate governance and provide accurate information about our activities, financial situation, performance and structure.

CUSTOMERS – Our effort is based on our commitment to customer satisfaction, which is why we develop products with the best quality standards. In addition, our customers have all the information and complete commercial and technical assistance so that they can obtain the adequacy and safety necessary for the use and commercialization of our products.

PROFESSIONALS – We maintain a relationship of respect and open dialogue with our professionals, always offering safe working conditions and encouraging the personal and professional development of each one.

SUPPLIERS – Commercial practices with our suppliers are legal, duly treated with respect, honesty and transparency in all fields of the business relationship. The selection of these partners is rigorous, with no favors whatsoever. Contracted suppliers must conduct their behavior in accordance with our company’s conduct guidelines

SERVICE PROVIDERS – We form a relationship to encourage and share corporate values and standards with companies and contracted professionals.

COMPETITORS – We ensure healthy competition, free from practices that are not associated with fair and legal methods.

GOVERNMENT BODIES – We maintain strict compliance with the legal, tax and labor requirements established by the legal bodies, through compliance with the imposed legislation and the payment of tax and labor obligations. We adopt an ethical stance, prohibiting the granting of any advantage or privilege to public agents.

CLASS ASSOCIATIONS/UNIONS – We understand the importance of class associations as defenders of the rights of their professionals and we seek to maintain mutual respect with entities and associations focused on guaranteeing the interests of professionals in the category and market segments.

PRESS – We ensure a permanent flow of information for public opinion, preserving confidential information, with a view to legitimate business interests.

COMMUNITY – We fulfill our responsibilities in relation to the communities in which we operate and are inserted, developing and supporting social actions, always respecting the interests of the population.

ENVIRONMENT – We consider the balance of the environment essential for our own business. In this way, Wheaton contributes to the preservation of the environment, using technologies that promote sustainable development.