Unpredictable design: How much innovation fits in a package? Wheaton provides disruptive experience for Natura Humor Transforma


Attracting the public’s eye, we know that this is the main premise about the function of a product’s packaging. But what does it take to win over consumers? The challenge goes beyond design. The packaging must be able to convey the essence and values ​​of the brand, in addition to offering benefits and differentials to those who consume it.

In this context, the packaging of Natura Humor Transforma shows a show of creativity and innovation. Follow the full article, let’s explore the details and understand the construction of this true success.

Visionary Essence

Creating the packaging for Natura Humor Transforma was a challenge that required a disruptive, creative and innovative approach. The brand sought packaging that was in tune with the new generations and with the world in constant transformation. The idea was to capture the multiple facets of life, inspired by the encounter with different ways of existing and the courage to be authentic and daring.

The packaging was developed especially for people who want to transform the world into a lighter, more diverse and truly inclusive place. In addition to transmitting these values, the packaging also sought to be sustainable and ecologically responsible. Natura Humor Transforma is a vegan product, not tested on animals, and has essential oils from Brazilian biodiversity. The bottle is produced with biomethane, a biofuel produced from the sustainable reuse of urban waste, and also contains post-consumer recycled glass (PCR), reducing the environmental impact, saving raw materials and energy.


Revolutionary Traits

One of the highlights of Natura Humor Transforma's packaging is its graphic design. The packaging has a multicolor painting, an innovative technique that provides an exceptional and exclusive color to the flasks. The application of three colors in an unpredictable and random way results in a unique composition. Each bottle is truly unique, and there is never an exact duplication.


Innovative Format

In addition to the innovative graphic design, Natura Humor Transforma's packaging also stands out for its format. With a modern, bold design and vibrant colors, it translates the visual manifestation of the free spirit and the revolutionary potential that the product represents. The organic pattern conveys a sense of lightness and fun, as well as a unique and technological approach to the contemporary consumer.


Unique Marketing Experience

There are some differentials that make packaging attractive to marketing channels. The bottles are exclusive for each consumer, not following pre-established rules or standards. This freedom of design awakens the instinct for achievement and the desire to seize your exclusivity and personal identification, in addition to the sense of scarcity, which contributes to great performance on the shelves.

Natura Humor Transforma's packaging can also be considered a means of communication, as in addition to conveying the essence and values ​​of the product, the packaging invites consumers to connect with their truest selves. Through design, she provides a journey of self-discovery and transformation, creating an emotional connection with the product.


A Summary of Success

The packaging of Natura Humor Transforma is a true success story. With an innovative graphic design, differentiated format, functional benefits and sustainability, it conquered consumers and stood out in the commercialization channels. In addition, packaging has become a means of communication and provides a unique experience for the consumer.

The case of Natura Humor Transforma shows how well-thought-out and innovative packaging can contribute to the success of a product. Check out the full video and feel the experience of Natura Humor.