Production Process Pharmaceutical Glass Packaging – Amber

O vidro é um material 100% reciclável. É infinitamente reciclável, pois é feito principalmente de minerais como, areia, barrilha, calcário e feldspato.

Circular economy is a new way of thinking about the future, rethinking the entire process of a product, from manufacturing to disposal, through its useful life, from end to end, in order to reduce impacts on the environment.

It is possible to say that glass is the most human-friendly packaging material.

Glass is a 100% recyclable material. It is infinitely recyclable as it is mainly made from minerals such as sand, ash, limestone and feldspar. Glass packaging can be fully reused in the recycling production cycle, without any loss of material, giving shape to new and incredible creations, remaining inert and impermeable.

By adding the shard in the production of glass, we reduce the withdrawal of raw material from nature. The reuse of virgin shards, originating from the production process itself, and the recycling of post-consumer glass (PCR) for the production of new packaging significantly reduce the consumption of virgin raw materials and energy, reducing CO2 particulate emissions, contributing to the preservation of the environment.

For the production of amber glass packaging, we use more than 40% of post-consumer recycled (PCR) glass shards, in addition to 20% of internal shards generated in our operations.

By recycling more and better, through the use of post-consumer recycled (PCR) glass, we can achieve sustainable growth opportunities in a Circular Economy model.