Get to know Wheaton’s Quality Program

The result allows us to guarantee the best products in the market.

Wheaton values the quality of its products and services, seeking to improve its Quality Program. Bringing together several teams of the company, we work to ensure the excellence of our products and services. The close relationship to our customers, and being always attentive to their needs and challenges, allows us to seek quick and effective solutions.

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Wheaton’s multidisciplinary quality team includes teams from Production, Engineering, Development, Commercial, After-sales, and Quality Assurance, who work together to identify the greatest difficulties in projects using precise data and information. Thus, Wheaton directs efforts to solve problems efficiently and guarantee customer satisfaction.

The differential of the Wheaton Quality Program is the speed of information, response, and protagonism in problem solving. Through technical visits, events, workshops, and internal and external audits to ensure the excellence of our processes and products.