Clean room

a Wheaton conta com salas limpas no forno A, nas linhas dedicadas à produção de frascos para o mercado farmacêutico.

To meet the strict health market, all lines of amber pharmaceutical products have machines and equipment to minimize the risk of contamination of the vials.

In this way, Wheaton has clean rooms in furnace A, in the lines dedicated to the production of vials for the pharmaceutical market.

Each production line is intended for a single product that follows a continuous flow from the exit of the annealing furnace to its final packaging. All amber pharmaceutical furnace lines have physical separation to prevent cross-contamination.

Finally, the bottles pass through the baling machine, to finalize their packaging process, without human contact.

In addition to having a special manufacturing structure to meet the technical specifications that the market requires, all professionals involved in production operations are trained in Good Manufacturing Practices to ensure the quality, effectiveness and safety of our manufacturing process.

In this way, we can say that our glass packaging follows all the criteria required by ABNT and as determined by the Brazilian and American Pharmacopoeia, and our procedures strictly follow the standards of Good Manufacturing Practices, thus being able to be marketed and used in the Pharmaceutical Industry.