An incredible story, the result of a successful partnership between Wheaton and Inter Parfums.

Supplying the Salvatore Ferragamo brand, introducing the UOMO range, men’s perfumes that redefine Italian elegance and indomitable masculinity. The imposing packaging captures urban boldness and cosmopolitan charm, combining innovative design and modern, luxurious embossing.

Behind the scenes, we faced significant challenges in the production process.

The drawer-type mold opening system was necessary to extract the bottle due to the high relief engravings on the sides. The asymmetrical profile of the bottle required an assertive design to maintain the thickness and uniform distribution of the glass, while the engravings were maintained, challenging us to achieve precision and definition.

In addition, the front face of the bottle, with its concave profile, presented challenges for the decoration process. The irregular shape brought specific obstacles for screen printing in all versions, requiring precision and technical skill. The interrupted painting on the sides added a distinctive touch, further highlighting the complexity and mastery involved in producing these exclusive bottles.

The end result is more than refined packaging, it is a tangible expression of the complex layers and nuances of Salvatore Ferragamo fragrances, encapsulating Wheaton's artistic and technical vision in the manufacture of exceptional glass packaging.