2376 – CRUET

Tableware Bussines Uinit
  • Weight 340 g
  • Dimensions 96,8 × 142,1 mm
  • Capacidade 372 ml
  • Master Carton Box - Width 298 mm
  • Master Carton Box - Height 1421 mm
  • Master Carton Box - Depth 477 mm
  • Master Carton Box - Weight 9.750 g
  • Quantity per box 24 | 24 un

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Taste and elegance at the table – Products with diamond pattern design are timeless, and can be used in informal or sophisticated compositions. A touch of class to the table.


Capacity mensurements were calculed up to the brim of the product. The dimensions
informed in this package are nominal subject to small variations. Wheaton Brasil
Vidros S.A. reserves itself the right to make changes in its products without prior
notice. For avaliabitity and update information, please contact your dealer.

Use and conservation guidelines

‘- Product made of glass: handle with care.
– Impacts may cause damage. Be aware of injuries.
– Do not use at the oven.
– Use a soft sponge (non-abrasive), washing the products with water and neutral detergent.