Glorioso Nativa SPA Multifunctional Oil Packaging: A Success Case

The cosmetics industry is constantly looking for innovation and differentiation to attract public attention. In this scenario, in a partnership with Wheaton, O Boticário launched the Glorioso Nativa SPA Multifunctional Oil package, a product that not only protects the content, but also conveys an emotional aesthetic and reflects the company’s concepts. In this article, we’ll explore the details of this success story, from project design to the results achieved!

Detailed View

O Boticário aimed to develop a differentiated glass package in the oil segment. In addition to providing product protection, packaging should convey an emotional aesthetic and reflect brand concepts. For this, the flask was designed with delicate curves, transmitting elegance to the consumer!
One of the challenges of the project was to combine sustainability with packaging. Therefore, around 40% post-consumer recycled (PCR) broken glass was used in the production of the bottle. In addition, the termination thread facilitates the segregation of components (valve and vial), promoting a safe and complete recycling of the package.

Embalagem do Óleo Multifuncional Glorioso Nativa SPA

Highlights That Captivate

The packaging of Glorioso Nativa SPA Multifunctional Oil stands out in the oil segment due to the use of glass as the main material. Glass is known for not interacting with the contents, ensuring product integrity. In addition, the anatomical shape was designed to provide convenience to the consumer!

Another highlight of the graphic design are the differentiated cores and finishes. The packaging was developed to offer a new experience to the consumer, conveying protection and certification.

The exclusive and anatomical shape of the Glorioso Nativa SPA Multifunctional Oil bottle was designed to provide practicality and versatility in routine use. The flask conveys elegance to the consumer. In addition, the innovative format allows for a differentiated use of the product!

Embalagem do Óleo Multifuncional Glorioso Nativa SPA

Domain in the Channels

The exclusive and differentiated design of the Glorioso Nativa SPA Multifunctional Oil packaging guarantees its differentiation in the distribution channels. The aesthetic value attributed to the packaging attracts the public's attention and makes the product stand out among its competitors. In addition, the sophisticated glass design, combined with the anatomical shape, provides a new way of using it in the application routine.

Sustainability in Focus

The packaging of Glorioso Nativa SPA Multifunctional Oil meets sustainability requirements. It was produced with around 40% post-consumer recycled (PCR) glass, significantly reducing the consumption of virgin raw materials and CO2 emissions. Furthermore, it is important to highlight that the packaging production uses 10% biomethane, replacing part of the natural gas used in the ovens.

Conclusion in style!

The packaging case of Glorioso Nativa SPA Multifunctional Oil, by O Boticário, is an example of success in the cosmetics segment. The packaging developed with exclusive design, innovation and sustainability, provides an affective experience to the consumer.