Wheaton launches sustainable glass line: Ecoglass

It is possible to say that glass is the most human-friendly packaging material. If the entire population became aware of the benefits of recycling glass, it would be possible to fully reuse packaging with enormous ecological, economic and social benefits.

Glass containers can be totally reused in the recycling production cycle, without any loss of material. By adding shards to the production of glass, we reduced the withdrawal of raw materials from nature. In addition, the reuse of glass for the production of new packaging consumes less energy and emits less particulate CO2 residues, contributing to the preservation of the environment.

Wheaton is proud to have sustainable ideals as principles in the industrial process that make a difference for the planet. Thinking about producing solutions that contribute to the preservation of the environment, we developed a sustainable line of glass packaging that was named Ecoglass.

Meet the line

Ecoglass, a sustainable packaging line, was developed to promote the circular economy and, mainly, to reduce the consumption of raw materials taken from nature.

There are four different models of glass bottles, all developed to protect the environment.

The first of them, the MB-1501-N1 has a modern and elegant design. The standard model features a large panel for decoration and marked edges that play with the refraction of the glass

Conceived under the concepts of sustainability, the lightweight flask received less glassy mass than a traditional flask. This eco-friendly project involves a reduction in water and energy consumption, in addition to a reduction of more than 30% in CO2 emissions.

Adding another model to the collection, Wheaton presents the MB-1502-S. With a geometric shape and timeless design, the packaging is the result of an intense work to develop sustainable solutions for our customers.

The screw-on end allows the product to be refilled, that is, it can be opened easily and refilled with more fragrance through a refill bottle or refill stations.

Furthermore, this termination facilitates the separation of the valve and the glass bottle, distinct materials that, separated, offer greater safety and agility to recycling cooperatives.

Robust, the LB-0516-S bottle with GCMI 410-15 thread termination has a luxurious aesthetic that allows it to be reused several times.

Combining concepts of sustainability and sophistication, this packaging has a termination that makes the bottle refillable and can be refilled at other times.

Developed with disconnected facets that provide a differentiated visual effect, the eco-friendly bottle proves that luxury packaging can also be sustainable.

To complete the Ecoglass collection, Wheaton presents the MB-1505-S. The bottle is a proposal for a refill packaging.

Ergonomic, it was developed to replenish packaging.

The refill bottle is an invitation to a change in consumer behavior, encouraging them to reuse packaging for longer, reducing waste generation.

In addition, the refill bottle received less vitreous mass than a traditional bottle. This lightweight glass project involves a reduction in water and energy consumption, in addition to a reduction of more than 30% in CO2 emissions.

Check out the following video with all of Wheaton’s sustainable solutions: