Wheaton’s packages are chosen by new brands in the market

29 Aug 2017

Launching a new brand in the market is always a great challenge, mainly by facing the strong competition of the known and consolidated brands.

The partnership with strong suppliers that are committed with quality is essential to achieve success.


Wheaton Brasil takes pride in being chosen as a strategic partner for these new brands in the market.


Besides glass packaging, we offer packaging customization and solutions in seals.


We supply (packages) for the perfumery, cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical, welfare and home care markets.


We are prepared to make your project a reality with our standard or exclusive packages.

Be inspired by a few projects and contact us!


The Spicealist
Criativa line | SB-0814-S | Food and Condiment Market

The glass packaging brings the transparency of natural and fresh ingredients.





Simple Organic
Criativa line | SB-1306-S e MB-0468-S | Cosmetics market

The mixture of simplicity and luxury.

Glass: a noble and 100% recyclable material for a self-aware brand compromised with consumption ethics.





Therapy Body + Soul
Criativa line | SB-0469-S | Welfare market

Perfumed candles protected by glass packaging.



Piatan Natural
Harmonia line | MB-1177-S e LB-0403-S
Surpresa line | MB-0961-N1H
Sonho line | MB-1327-N1

Home Care and Perfumery market

Women and Men Fragrances that seek for a dialogue with the consumer by using glass packaging, an 100% recyclable material.

Air fresheners in sophisticated packages to renew energies.

Karol CosentinoWheaton’s packages are chosen by new brands in the market

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