Wheaton wins the WorldStar Award with Lúmis bottle

28 Aug 2017

Wheaton conquista mais um prêmio WorldStar com a embalagem de Lúmis

Standing out as one of the best glass packaging suppliers in the world, Wheaton Brasil won once again the WorldStar Award for Health & Beauty category with Eudora Lúmis perfume bottle.


Promoted by World Packaging Organisation (WPO), the award intends to advertise the continuous technological packaging advance and promote an international excellence pattern regarding quality and production. To be able to participate, the glass packaging must be the winner of a WPO internationally recognized award, such as ABRE Award – conquered by Wheaton in October.


Besides this last winning, throughout its history, Wheaton had won the WorldStar Award three other times:

1994 – Natura’s Mamãe e Bebê

2008 – O Boticario’s Linked 

2009 – Avon’s Color Scents


Transformando conceito em inovação de forma desafiadora, a embalagem da colônia Lúmis, através de seu design diferenciado e moderno, encanta instantaneamente. Suas curvas e faces que dançam com a luz, facilmente seduzem e convidam o olhar.Eudora Lúmis Perfume


Turning a concept into innovation in a challenging way, the modern and different design of the Lúmis packaging enchants immediately. Its curves and sides dance with the light, easily seducing and inviting the look.

Sensuality, strength and femininity are main characteristics of Eudora’s consumers and the bold and elegant shape of the bottle lend the product a sophisticated and involving touch..

wheatonWheaton wins the WorldStar Award with Lúmis bottle