Wheaton wins the WorldStar Award with Aurien bottle

10 Dec 2018

Standing out as one of the best glass packaging suppliers in the world, Wheaton won once again the WorldStar Award for Health & Beauty category with the Aurien Collection perfume bottle.

Promoted by World Packaging Organisation (WPO), the award intends to advertise the continuous technological packaging advance and promote an international excellence pattern regarding quality and production. To be able to participate, the glass packaging must be the winner of a WPO internationally recognized award, such as ABRE Award – conquered by Wheaton in September.

Besides this last winning, throughout its history, Wheaton had won the WorldStar Award five other times:


2018 – Feelin’ para Ela / Hinode

2017 – Lúmis / Eudora

2009 – Color Scents / Avon

2008 – Linked / O Boticário

1994 – Mamãe e Bebê / Natura


Aurien Parfum, Eudora


Inspired by the fascination of precious metals and the exuberance of precious gemstones, the glass packages reflect the presence of remarkable women that stand out wherever they go.

With multifaceted form, typical of cut precious gemstones, the bottle takes the product to a premium category, bonding the line between luxury perfumery and the finest jewelry.

This repacking promoted sophistication and innovation to the Aurien collection, highlighting the exclusiveness of each woman, like a precious gemstone.

The exploration of a differentiated design and innovative decoration allows the versions of Aurien parfum to be highlighted from one another and, at the same time, present a high collectible appeal. The color harmony and bottle elements stands out in the shelves.

Karol CosentinoWheaton wins the WorldStar Award with Aurien bottle

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