The first packaging with Multicolors Painting

19 Jun 2019

O Boticário has just launched Egeo On Me and Egeo On You, both decorated with MULTICOLORS PAINTING, an innovative technique in the world market that colored the bottle in an authentic and exclusive way.

This decorative process allows the application of up to 4 colors at random.The inks applied around the bottle overlap and create a unique composition. One bottle is never the same as another. The result is always a dynamic, interactive and totally different look.

This duo also brings the world’s first fragrances created with Artificial Intelligence through machine learning techniques. More than 1.7 million perfumes analyzed to reach combinations that are pleasing to the target audience, exploring ideas not yet discovered.

Egeo understands that being young is experiencing different worlds at all times.

The packaging explores a more creative and interactive relationship with the consumer. A more fluid approach to age, gender and experimentation.

An unprecedented proposal for packaging fragrances and surfaces, encouraging consumers to experiment more freely and modernly.

It’s a pleasure to be part of this innovation and partnership!

Karol CosentinoThe first packaging with Multicolors Painting

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