Organic and sustainable products

13 Mar 2018

Having a good shape and a healthy life are one of the greatest propellers for the organic products market that, in 2016, showed an increase of 20% in Brazil, according to CNPO.

According to this 2017 Market Analysis research made for Organis, 15% of the Brazilian population buy regularly this kind of food in big capitals and supermarkets are the most common place where these products are purchased.

Besides the healthy and sustainable appeals, package is a decisive purchase factor for 15% of the respondents.

To conquer this market and to supply products with quality and good flavor, using glass packages is ideal. An inert material that assures the food healthiness, and it is 100% recyclable.


Wheaton offers many options of glass bottles and jars to highlight your brand.

Get inspired by a few market products that use our packages and contact us!


Célia Braga – Ganache

Creative Line | MB-1249-S





Original Blend – Paste

Creative Line | MB-1315-S






Verde Brasil – Jellies

Creative Line | MB-1249-S





Wax Green – Organic Honey

Exclusive Bottle







Wax Green – Honey

Exclusive Bottle

Karol CosentinoOrganic and sustainable products

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