Multicolor Painting – Every bottle is unique

12 Jan 2018

Summer is one of the most colorful seasons of the year and it is a great moment to use vibrant and cheerful colors.

A package with color and movement bring the lightness and the fun that the season requires.


For this reason, it is time to differentiate your product!


Wheaton Brasil offers the multicolor painting that allows the application of until 4 different colors in the same bottle, making it unique and exclusive for each consumer.


The new process can be used with several painting and texture options, such as transparent, shining, matte, metallic, soft touch and texturized.


We are always looking for innovations and new technologies to make your package mesmerizing.


Bring originality to your product, contact us and know more.

Karol CosentinoMulticolor Painting – Every bottle is unique

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