Multicolors Metalization: creating new experiences

23 Oct 2020

Connecting experiences and generating innovations, Wheaton presents Multicolors Metallization, a decoration technique that attributes a mirror finish and a mesmerizing iridescent effect.

 Metallization consists of a sublimation process of the bottle, which creates a shiny appearance with a mirrored look.

 This decoration process allows the application of up to 4 colors (pantone scale) to obtain the most varied combinations of colors and effects.

The paints applied around the bottle overlap and create a unique composition.  One bottle is never the same as another.  The result is an amazing, dynamic and totally different design.

The packaging of the photo presents this style of Multicolour Metallization that provides a more creative interaction with the consumer, who will acquire a simply exclusive piece with an extraordinary visual effect!

Karol CosentinoMulticolors Metalization: creating new experiences

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