Home Care – For good memories

06 Dec 2017

It’s important to involve the consumer in every aspect.

But the smell is the most remarking sense of the human being. When you smell a perfume once again, it’s able to make you relive all the previous emotions. With a great bottle and the perfect fragrance, it is possible to increase sales and make your brand stick.


Good emotions, memorable and lasting experiences, well-being, comfort and pleasure sensations can be induced by the smell identity of the brand or product line.


Air fresheners, diffusers, scented candles and liquid soaps are perfect to produce a pleasurable sensation and are a way of creating an extraordinary differentiation for your brand.


Big fashion, accessories and footwear brands already invest in this segment. Be inspired by a few products that use our bottles!

Choose your bottle and associate a great memory with your brand.


Renner – Alchemia
Pilfer Proof 28mm| MB-0737-SWNA








Harmonia line |LB-0403-S








Harmonia line | LB-0155-SN








Harmonia line | LB-0391-S








Mona’s Flower
Harmonia line | LB-0415-S








Therapy Co
Criativa line | MB-0469-S





Carmen Steffens
Harmonia line | LB-0155-SN

Karol CosentinoHome Care – For good memories

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