Environmental Awareness Programs

Green Attitude

“Our planet: will you help to take care of it?” In accordance with this subtitle, through weekly meeting, the Green Attitude Group, formed by professionals from various sectors, discusses and proposes improvements in our processes and facilities, searching for reductions and improving control of the environmental aspects of the company.


Environment Week

Focused on promoting awareness and preservation of the environment, the “Environment Week” is dedicated entirely to the internal public, through lectures, expositions, theatrical presentations and workshops which promote the dissemination of information to the entire surrounding community.


Wheaton Ecological Contest

Annually, Wheaton Brasil Group promotes the traditional “Wheaton Ecological Contest,” aimed at business professionals of the group and its dependents. The principal objective of the contest is to make the participants conscious of environmental preservation, through an artistic design that depicts a designated theme in reference to the environment.

DEVEnvironmental Awareness Programs