environmental responsibility

Wheaton Brasil Group is committed to environmental preservation, constantly improving its processes, products and systems by means of increased awareness and adoption of effective programs. The Group maintains an Environmental Management System, based on Norma ISO (ISO Regulation) 14001, through which it identifies, controls, reduces, and eliminates aspects and environmental impacts generated by its activities.

Through its “Integrated Policy for the Environment and Workplace Health and Safety”, Wheaton Brasil Group is commited:

  • To ensure, as a minimum standard, the compliance of the activities of Wheaton Brasil Group to applicable legal standards as well as to other subscribed requirements which are related to its products, to the safety and health of its professionals, and to the environmental aspects of the business;
  • To seek increased reduction in environmental impact and work-related accidents;
  • To eliminate risks and prevent pollution, accidents and incidents through the adoption of appropriate practices for: efficient utilization of natural resources; reduction of liquid and gas emissions; reutilization, recycling and appropriate disposal of generated residues; and elimination of unsafe working conditions.
  • To maintain and develop projects to heighten awareness of environmental concerns and of occupational health and safety at all levels of the organization, including professionals and other persons acting on behalf of Wheaton Brasil Group.
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