Beard products: A great opportunity

06 Nov 2017

The time when appearance was just a feminine concern is long gone.

Studies indicate that the market for men’s personal care products was close to be duplicated in 5 years[1].

Helping you to be a part of this growing market, Wheaton Brasil offers several options of droppers, perfect for beard oil – a highly demanded product with the revival of barber shops.

And through Farmacap, a company that belongs to Wheaton Brasil group, you also find numerous solutions in closures, rubber and aluminum accessories, and bulb droppers with many colors.

Be inspired by a few brands that use our bottles and contact us!


O Barbudo

Dropper | SB-1348-SA





Barbearia Cavalera

Dropper | SB-1348-SA





O Lobo do Mar Beard Co.

Dropper | SB-1348-SA






Dropper | SB-1348-AS




[1] Fonte:

Karol CosentinoBeard products: A great opportunity

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