Augmented Reality for Perfumery Packages

13 Nov 2018

Working with trends and offering creative innovation of glass packages and décor is our main goal. Inside this universe, we offer an exclusive and immersive experience with our brand, so our clients can enjoy and appreciate each moment with our products.

Wheaton presented the new techniques in décor and glass packaging customization using the augmented reality: technology that unifies the real world with the virtual one.

Among the new up comings, there is the neon silkscreen that explores the playful and interactive side of a glass package once a black light shining silkscreen is applied.

With AR, it was possible to see the neon silkscreen through vibrating animations and neon color tones exploding on the screen portraying the creative manifesto trend.

The multicolor silkscreen is another upcoming technique. A décor that allows arts up to 4 colors in one single appliance.

Inspired by the Psychotropical trend, a surreal forest was born in AR, opening a new dimension for the viewer.

That’s a few of the possibilities that we offer to get your product even more fulfilling.

Watch below the interaction between technology and décor and contact us to know more!

Karol CosentinoAugmented Reality for Perfumery Packages

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