Industrial facilities

The company currently works with 4 continuous furnaces, a production capacity of about 1 billion flasks per year, or 300 tons of glass per day, state of the art technology in glass fusion, with oxigas and renewal combustion melting ovens with computerized monitoring. There are 23 production lines, between I.S. machines and rotary compresses. It also counts on clean rooms, assuring due quality in the lines dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry and with climate controlled rooms, for the cosmetic production lines.


Wheaton also counts on 7 color feeders totally committed to the Perfume and Cosmetic industry, and has a decoration unit personalizing the flasks for the most demanding clients. Inside modern facilities, our Decoration unit has:

  • 8 semi-automatic lines and 12 automatic lines SS (silk-screen), dealing with organic and inorganic paint, as well as gold and silver (with 20 silkscreen equipments);
  • 2 automatic paint lines working with inorganic paint (with 2 painting equipments);
  • 6 automatic paint lines working with organic dyes (with 6 painting equipments);
  • 1 automatic plating line (with 2 plating equipments);
  • 2 automatic frosting lines through acid (with 2 frosting equipments);
  • 4 semi-automatic and 1 automatic tampography lines (with 5 tampography equipments);
  • 4 automatic hot stamping lines (with 4 silkscreen and 4 hot stamping equipments);
  • 2 automatic labeling line (with 2 labeling equipments);
  • Acessory application and decaling lines (with manual application);
  • Laser application (equipment aquisition in process);
  • 2 semi-automatic heat transfer line (with 2 heat transfer equipments);


Wheaton follows excellence standards when dealing with its client services, engaging in up to date technology and in distinct designs. The production of glass, the decoration and the making of molds and equipment in its São Bernardo do Campo plant enables the company to offer overall solutions in glass packaging, guaranteeing quick responses to its clients and markets.

DEVIndustrial facilities