The history of Wheaton Brasil Group begins in 1888 with the foundation of the company T. C. Wheaton in the city of Millville, the state of New Jersey, in the United States.
In 1952, after 64 years of its founding, and with many accumulated experiences, Wheaton is founded in São Paulo and pioneered the market in 1953 of the first bottle of penicillin manufactured in an I.S. machine. Of 4 sections and double drop. In the same year, Wheaton started to manufacture bottles that, besides the pharmaceutical market, also serve the perfumery and cosmetics industry.

In the 70’s, the production of jars had a great boost. It has considerably expanded its facilities, reaching daily capacity of 200 tons/day, using four-drop machines, extracting glass in opaline, cobalt blue, cognac and green.
In November of 1976, Wheaton produces the first pressed glass, marking the creation of the division of Home Utilities, with articles for home. In the 80s, with the reconstruction and modernization of its furnaces, the industrial park is expanded to meet the growth of this line and the market of perfumery and cosmetics.

In the 90’s, Wheaton introduces the first machines with electronic control, palletized and thermo-shrink packaging, oxy-gas combustion furnace and computerized monitoring and color glass by the color feeder system, as well as formalizes the quality programs. At the end of the decade, the administrative unit of São Paulo is transferred to the industrial park of São Bernardo do Campo.