3D Silkscreen – More than a bottle: an experience

26 Sep 2017

In an increasingly demanding market, innovation is not only about the product, but it’s also necessary to build up experiences.

The packaging always tells a story and brings us back memories full of emotions.


In this scenario, Wheaton Brasil offers a great décor possibility: 3D Silkscreen.


With a more extensive sensorial experience, the high relief silkscreen enchants for its visual and tactile aspects, luring the consumer to “experience” the bottle.


The 3D silkscreen can be applied with or without color. A sensorial and modern technique that can be used to personalize a standard or an exclusive glass packaging.

Wheaton Brasil invests every day in technology and innovative processes to be always close to you.


Contact us and make your project a successful case.


Karol Cosentino3D Silkscreen – More than a bottle: an experience

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